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New Me

2012-12-31 03:30:57 by piconjorules1234

Hello, this is piconjo here and it's been a couple years and I have grown up and I'm currently 14 years old (I was 8 when I made this account) and I just wanted everyone to know I'm not 8 anymore lol. Also, if you guys could subscribe to me on youtube (youtube.com/XxzHaNdBuCket) I would appreciate it. I upload CoD Zombies gameplay and have 3 world records in zombies currently.


2009-11-30 16:36:04 by piconjorules1234

Hey u may hav noticed my smiley face dude i am making a smiley face collab if u want 2 join just comment that u want to join to express creativity there are no specific ones u must make u can make multiple ones also and i might mention one we havent done but if some1 has done 1 u wanted to do u must hav permission from them or it wont be included in the collab: to submit it send me the link and i will update the collab on my posts just pm me if there are any questions and in a post i will hav all the links and there will be a contest and two kinds of winners: the ones i think are best and the ones the fans think are best depending on the entries and voters there will be either a top 10,5,3, or grand prize winner any1 can join and if any r copied or to innapropriate they will not be included so just join! and here is my picture


new art

2009-11-09 16:26:21 by piconjorules1234

i now hav new art check out my new picture The Chasm of Confusion so far its average score is 10.0 out of 10.0 so i suggest u see it and dont 4get 2 scout me

it makes no sense

2009-09-16 18:55:32 by piconjorules1234

y is everyones reviews about my art critisism and i hav absolutely NO reviews for my awesome illusion stuff and i guarantee u will like it and also plz scout and review me also my cool 3d drawing is plain frikkin sweet

everybody is complaining about my art bcuz it is ms paint so i might see if i could use my bros photoshop or sumtin also i will tell u this if u think it is bad well i am VERY VERY VERY young so i cant do like freakin blood and gore with a perfect grayscale along with the fact that i hav ms so i might try to edit my drawings so just stop the critisism and if i told u my age u would probably like my art but im not stupid enough to giv away my age on the net


2009-09-13 02:01:25 by piconjorules1234

i finally leveled up! yes now im at level 8 i cant wait till level 9 also dont 4get 2 chek out my art!

yay for padre!

2009-09-02 15:44:00 by piconjorules1234

thanks 2 my dad i now no how 2 submit more of my stuff to the art portal plz review and giv my art a score of 5! trust me u will luv my new drawings as they flood the art portal!


2009-08-20 19:47:29 by piconjorules1234

i hav finally gotten up to level 7 and im very happy and i need the next rank also i hav a question how do u blam things?


2009-08-06 12:39:35 by piconjorules1234

hey guys i hav some art u should check it out not many ppl hav seen it also could u scout so it will be submitted?

thing thing arena 3

2009-08-06 12:24:05 by piconjorules1234

i will achieve all the medals for thing thing arena 3 i hav lots so far i used 2 try 2 get em but i stopped and i will get them all also it is official i have done the over achiever medal for portal defenders twice cuz on a laptop i got april fulp and decided 2 win with em all and now on my computer i beat it with april fulp and wadolf only hurt with april fulp 1 or 2 times im a pro at portal defenders now i guess all that training really paid off and could u guy send links or sumtin for games with medals i can unlok?