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2009-11-30 16:36:04 by piconjorules1234

Hey u may hav noticed my smiley face dude i am making a smiley face collab if u want 2 join just comment that u want to join to express creativity there are no specific ones u must make u can make multiple ones also and i might mention one we havent done but if some1 has done 1 u wanted to do u must hav permission from them or it wont be included in the collab: to submit it send me the link and i will update the collab on my posts just pm me if there are any questions and in a post i will hav all the links and there will be a contest and two kinds of winners: the ones i think are best and the ones the fans think are best depending on the entries and voters there will be either a top 10,5,3, or grand prize winner any1 can join and if any r copied or to innapropriate they will not be included so just join! and here is my picture



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