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thing thing arena 3

2009-08-06 12:24:05 by piconjorules1234

i will achieve all the medals for thing thing arena 3 i hav lots so far i used 2 try 2 get em but i stopped and i will get them all also it is official i have done the over achiever medal for portal defenders twice cuz on a laptop i got april fulp and decided 2 win with em all and now on my computer i beat it with april fulp and wadolf only hurt with april fulp 1 or 2 times im a pro at portal defenders now i guess all that training really paid off and could u guy send links or sumtin for games with medals i can unlok?


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2009-08-06 12:33:13

http://www.newgrounds.com/game/gamesw ithmedals
Dude, work on you're spelling and grammar. It was hard for me to understand what you were saying. Well, here's a link.


2009-08-06 12:35:20

Really, it's not that hard to get all the trophies on "NG Rumble"