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i will make u happy u stupid critics

2009-09-14 16:14:47 by piconjorules1234

everybody is complaining about my art bcuz it is ms paint so i might see if i could use my bros photoshop or sumtin also i will tell u this if u think it is bad well i am VERY VERY VERY young so i cant do like freakin blood and gore with a perfect grayscale along with the fact that i hav ms so i might try to edit my drawings so just stop the critisism and if i told u my age u would probably like my art but im not stupid enough to giv away my age on the net


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2009-09-14 17:25:50

ok, here are a number of things wrong,
if we are to assume your age by the level of your art, I would easily say your no where near being old enough to be on Newgrounds. you should be still learning your ABC's.
Second Ms paint has nothing to do with quality of work, here check out this thread here on the BBS http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/9 51819/28 admitting there is a lot of spam in the thread, but there are also a lot of very good art in there. especially done by CypressDahlia.
if people are bitching about your work, it's because you wither don't put in any effort, it is just flat out horrible, or stolen. so STFU or GTFO

piconjorules1234 responds:

i dont noo wat stfu or gtfo is but i a already no my abcs and how to type all the letters in the alphabet abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 2nd off ur an idiot if u think that ms paint doesnt affect quality and my art will improve i hav only done computer art 2 years ok not that long


2009-09-14 18:40:56

Very very young = Newgrounds is for 13 year olds, gtfo now or I contact Tom Fulp to get him to kick your ass out.

piconjorules1234 responds:

u hav no proof i am not old enough for newgrounds or that i am younger than 10 and newgrounds is for people of all ages tell me u hav to b 13 to play honey bunny on this website


2009-09-14 18:44:38

Also, I am so fucking tracking you down because I know your name will never happen.

piconjorules1234 responds:

excuse me? u dont hav any info about me except i am a guy which will not help u also u r a wannabe stalker cuz u cant track me down so good luck with that kid


2009-09-14 18:44:46


piconjorules1234 responds:

sorry cant tell u


2009-09-15 17:37:20

Lol, Tom Fulp clearly stated that 13 is the SFW age minimum. Also, only hackers or people who pretend to be younger than they really are and then agree to meet you will rape you, as you so clearly fear. Me knowing a name or age will not allow me to stalk you, you pretentious tard.

(Updated ) piconjorules1234 responds:

i never said i was under 13 i just said i was young so therefore u hav no proof and im confused r u saying im a hacking rapist or that im afraid of them?also i saw ur post so do think that i will fall for this crap